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Armour & Weapons


Armour Class

Iain Bowden is the Swordsmith and Armour Class was founded in Glasgow, Scotland over 30 years ago. Makers of the finest quality re-enactment and sharp swords which are made of EN45 steel. We also make scabbards and baldrics from high quality 3mm

thick belting leather.

Everything covered from Roman, Dark Age through

medieval and onto 17th and 18th century swords.

Lots of products on official website and you can

also find us on facebook. Commissions undertaken. 

armoured up.jpeg

Armoured Up

We offer custom sized pieces of armour at fantastic prices. Currently trading in chain mail, helmets and padding.


Armour Services Historical

​Armour Services Historical is the premier armour and brigandine maker based in the UK. We specialise in the 15C but make armour for all periods, from roman to civil war. We can also be involved with design projects and give expert advice on many different metalworking and textile needs. On top of that we also specialise in historical forge and armouring displays that really bring the feel of the armourer and his craft to life.

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Derbyshire Arms

Derbyshire Arms Ltd is different. Our speciality is hand making historical muskets, pistols, swivel guns, carbines ~ all made to order.

Spanish Overcoat Pistol 1680 - 1830_edited.jpg

Dressed To Kill

Dressed to Kill is a professional company established in 1991.

We are manufacturers of quality reproduction arms and armour.

We are also an entertainment business specialising in the

medieval period.s specialising in the medieval period.

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Packing Iron

We at Packing Iron are all about western guns, the belts and holsters that carried them and the accessories you need to go with them.


Plessis Armouries

Authentically produced armour made to order. All of the armour that is made by Plessis Armouries is made to order to the customers specifications based on original pieces. No modern welding, formers or press tools are used. All the pieces are hand made using reproduced and original medieval tools.

june quiver 2.jpg


Scotland’s premier manufacturer of products for re-enactment, buhurt, LARP, HEMA, museums and film/TV productions. Providing an extensive range of historical archery, quilted armour and arming products, historical clothing, maille and accessories across a range of periods and disciplines.

We also offer a range of custom screen printed, embroidered and sublimation printed garments and lifestyle accessories created for you by our in-house team. We are specialists in reproduction of heraldic designs in embroidery for use in today’s world.

We ship worldwide.


Spearman Supplies

Providing equipment and sundries to the re-enactment and Larp community.


Tod's Workshop

We create historical reproduction crossbows, sword scabbards, swords, daggers and other weapons and artefacts. Each piece is handmade, accurate and unique.


Tod's Workshop

We create historical reproduction crossbows, sword scabbards, swords, daggers and other weapons and artefacts. Each piece is handmade, accurate and unique.


Two Js

We supply weapons, leather goods, horn items, nautical items, armour and all sorts of artefacts for the serious re-enactor for the 14 th C to the 18 th C.

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Wieland Forge

I’m Jason Green an historical Blacksmith and re-enactor. I make ironwork for re-enactment, living history, museums and film and TV. I mainly make items from Early Saxon to late medieval period and 18thC. I make combat weapons, shield bosses, cooking equipment, knives, hinges, keys, brooches and much more. For more information in what I make have a look at my Facebook page.

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