An Alphabetical Listing of the TORM Traders
correct as of Janua

Alison & Hugh’s Handmade Things

Alison and Hugh Milton are Handmakers of Things: we take raw materials, quality components and a fair chunk of time, effort and experience and turn them into museum-class replicas of historical objects.


Whether you want furniture, chests, boxes, textile tools, belt pouches, belts, penners, musical instrument cases, historic knitted caps, beeswax candles, polish, baskets or a wooden spoon, we are your people.


Hugh works in wood and basket willow,  Alison works in wool, leather, beeswax, fabric and basket willow.  Basically if it doesn't easily bend it's Hugh's work, if it's flexible Alison made it.


We provide high quality demonstrating of historic skills including (but not limited to):

  • carpentry/woodwork/green woodworking, 

  • textiles/spinning/dyeing, 

  • leatherwork.

Andrew Kirkham

I have over 30 years experience making historically accurate tools and domestic ironwork and some decorative work too. Everything I make is produced from the appropriate grades of steel and made to be used! I undertake commissions from individuals and groups along with museums or companies. I can also provide “have a go” blacksmith days and I have a portable forge for demonstrating. 

Find me on Facebook to see more photos and information. 

Andy Burke

I am a shoemaker specialising in footwear for use in re-enactment, theatre, historical display, live role play and what ever else you can think of! I also make bespoke modern and weddings shoes.

Armour Class

Iain Bowden is the Swordsmith and Armour Class was founded in Glasgow, Scotland over 30 years ago.

Makers of the finest quality re-enactment and sharp swords which are made of EN45 steel.

We also make scabbards and baldrics from high quality 3mm thick belting leather.

Everything covered from Roman, Dark Age through medieval and onto 17th and 18th Century swords.

Lots of products on official website and commissions undertaken.