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An Alphabetical Listing of the TORM Traders
correct as of January 2023

Alison & Hugh’s Handmade Things

Alison and Hugh Milton are Handmakers of Things: we take raw materials, quality components and a fair chunk of time, effort and experience and turn them into museum-class replicas of historical objects.


Whether you want furniture, chests, boxes, textile tools, belt pouches, belts, penners, musical instrument cases, historic knitted caps, beeswax candles, polish, baskets or a wooden spoon, we are your people.


Hugh works in wood and basket willow,  Alison works in wool, leather, beeswax, fabric and basket willow.  Basically if it doesn't easily bend it's Hugh's work, if it's flexible Alison made it.


We provide high quality demonstrating of historic skills including (but not limited to):

  • carpentry/woodwork/green woodworking, 

  • textiles/spinning/dyeing, 

  • leatherwork.

Andrew Kirkham

I have over 30 years experience making historically accurate tools and domestic ironwork and some decorative work too. Everything I make is produced from the appropriate grades of steel and made to be used! I undertake commissions from individuals and groups along with museums or companies. I can also provide “have a go” blacksmith days and I have a portable forge for demonstrating. 

Find me on Facebook to see more photos and information. 

Andy Burke

I am a shoemaker specialising in footwear for use in re-enactment, theatre, historical display, live role play and what ever else you can think of! I also make bespoke modern and weddings shoes.

Apple Tree Vintage

Emma from Apple Tree Vintage

Graduate in Fine Art Valuation with a passion for Art Deco and the inter war period of the 20th century.

Specialising in civilian fashion from Victorian to 1950s.

Armour Class

Iain Bowden is the Swordsmith and Armour Class was founded in Glasgow, Scotland over 30 years ago.

Makers of the finest quality re-enactment and sharp swords which are made of EN45 steel.

We also make scabbards and baldrics from high quality 3mm thick belting leather.

Everything covered from Roman, Dark Age through medieval and onto 17th and 18th Century swords.

Lots of products on official website and commissions undertaken.

You can also find us on Facebook. 

Badger Historic Costumes

Reproduction historical clothing of all eras for men women and children. For museums, historic sites, reenactors, interpreters and theatre. Previous clients include English Heritage, National Trust, National PortraitGallery, British Museum, many County and local museums and many many reenactors!

I also provides talk and demonstrations about clothing from a number of eras including Tudor and Victorian.

Barrhead Leather

Traditionally tanned leathers.

Deerskin leather, buckskin, smoke-tanned, raw-hide/velum

Bespoke Reenactment Bars/The Stagger Inn
Black Raven Crafts

(00353) 830211842

Bodgers Farm Pottery

Re-enactment and Historical Pottery by Kate Phillips

Over the past 20 years I have researched my love of ancient pottery, in particular the Anglo Saxon and Viking periods. Commissions have varied from bronze age beakers to Tudor candle sticks. I use various different clays to reflect different geographical areas and each pot has its own provenance. All my pottery supplied for re-enactment is designed to be used. I fire these to a much higher temperature than my potter ancestors were able to achieve resulting in far more hard-wearing pots. In addition I use modern food-safe glaze recipes and for hygienic purposes glaze the interior surfaces unless otherwise requested. Replica pottery for museum display is made as accurately as possible from historical reference research.

The Button Queen

With over 70 years experience of selling buttons, we have 1000’s of styles available.


Please note - Cobwebs can't be at the November 23 Market, but please contact Sue direct for any orders.

Crossman Crafts

CrossmanCrafts make historic gifts and replicas for museums, interpreters and the media. We specialise in domestic wares, hygiene accessories and sewing and weaving items. We also welcome bespoke and unusual commissions covering a wide variety of historical periods and themes. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or at our website:

Dixie Leathercraft

Dixie Leathercraft specialise in handstitched leather goods for discerning reenactors and archers. Our quality leather is sourced from Northampton and Frank stitches everything by hand using the traditional method, taking great pride in his work. We make a wide variety of goods, and also produce bespoke items for individuals. Please feel free to contact us with your request and we’ll help whenever we can.

Dressed to Kill

Dressed to Kill is a professional company Established 1992. We are manufacturers of quality reproduction arms and armour . 

We are also an entertainment business specialising in the medieval period.

The Early Music Shop
(+44) 01274 288100

Wide selection of harps, lutes, symphonies, lyres, percussion and recorders

Elgar Shirts

We are fascinated by historical clothing and its construction. We love beautiful natural fabrics, and the functional detailing that fits each garment for its purpose.

We base our patterns on historical styles but we design them to suit 21st century people, sourcing quality fabric to ensure our products will stand the test of time.

We make these unique garments ourselves, steadily adding to our range and continuing to develop the styles we sell.

Fine Needlework

Fine Needlework provides historically accurate embroidery designs, which can be customised or designs can be created specifically for the customer. They also stock a wide range of goldwork and metal thread supplies.


Rosie McKellar is the embroiderer behind Fine Needlework. Rosie trained at the Royal School of Needlework and is available for commissions, talks and teaching.

Glendon Forge

Glendon Forge is the home of the Iron Dwarf and the Copper Elf.

The Iron Dwarf is a leading UK maker of mobile solid fuel forges and fireboxes for re-enactment, bush craft and adventuring. The Iron Dwarf also supplies a wide range of specialist, antique and custom made tools for metalwork.

The Copper Elf is a brazier -maker of domestic copperware items- and a blacksmith specialising in historic reproductions of domestic wares for museums and re-enactors. The Copper Elf range covers eras from Roman to First World War.

Together the Dwarf and Elf can combine their fabricating and forging skills to make almost anything from metal.


Wigs and Hairpieces

Exhibition Display

Historically themed wedding hair


With over 40 years experience working for theatre, television and museums, making, altering and redressing wigs and hairpieces from all historical periods, I can also offer the same service for historical re enactors and interpreters.


Come along to TORM where you will be able to view examples of wigs and hairpieces. There will also be some ready made sale items. I will be available to answer any hair related questions you may have.