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Miltary and history books

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The Old Book Shop

We sell books covering a range of topics across fashion and costume (including fashion biographies, jewellery and accessories), plus those on the textile arts (including knitting, lace, embroidery and beading). We also have a limited stock of Social History books.

We have a bookshop in Enfield, North London that you can arrange to visit, but please contact us for details as opening hours are varied.

Rebound in History

Books and journals bound in historical styles


The Savernake Novels

About Susanna M. Newstead

I have always told tales.

As a child I wrote little stories rooted in history and my teachers pestered me for the next instalment. I have always loved history especially the reign of King John 1199-1216. It's the beginning of our development as a nation) and so naturally anything I wrote was set in
those years.

I have studied the era and the social history for over 40 years.

I started writing the Savernake series as a young student of speech therapy in my 20s, writing it by hand in a small orange notebook in pre-computer days. I put it away in a drawer where it sat breathing quietly for over forty years.

Life and the need to pay the mortgage got in the way and when I changed professional direction and drifted into dementia research in Oxford, a very exacting and sometimes sad job,

I began to read historical murder mysteries as a distraction from its hardships. I found I quite liked them. Might I write them myself?

Then I got very ill and had to take early retirement. What was I to do with my time? The little orange notebook was dug out and Belvoir's Promise (my first book) became a murder mystery set in Savernake Forest in Wiltshire, where I grew up. I spent a very long time researching and
one book led to another and so, the Savernake Novels were born.

Now I live quietly in a small town in Northamptonshire (soon to be moving back to Marlborough where many of my books are set) with my husband and a wire fox terrier called Tabor. We make regular forays into the woods of Savernake and have done a deal of research into the emerging town of Marlborough close by, a town which was beloved of King John and given its charter by him in 1204. Tabor does the groundwork....and I follow along, plotting dire murder!

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Trouvere Medieval Minstrels / Medieval Music in the Dales

Trouvere research, record and recreate medieval music, and are the foremost UK specialists in medieval music for historical sites, museums and events. We can provide tailored concerts and more informal presentations on music from the eleventh to fifteenth centuries, with appropriate repertoire, instrumentation and kit. Trouvere also run Medieval Music in the Dales - the UK's only festival of medieval music, which takes place every September at Bolton Castle in North Yorkshire, and also hosts regular online events. 

We produce our own range of medieval music books,

and also stock a great range of medieval sheet music

and books on historical music. Trouvere's books of

medieval music are all taken from the original sources,

and put into modern notation with full lyrics,

translations and useful notes.

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