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Alison & Hugh's Handmade Things

Alison and Hugh Milton are Handmakers of Things: we take raw materials, quality components and a fair chunk of time, effort and experience and turn them into museum-class replicas of historical objects.


Whether you want furniture, chests, boxes, textile tools, belt pouches, belts, penners, musical instrument cases, historic knitted caps, beeswax candles, polish, baskets or a wooden spoon, we are your people.


Hugh works in wood and basket willow,  Alison works in wool, leather, beeswax, fabric and basket willow.  Basically if it doesn't easily bend it's Hugh's work, if it's flexible Alison made it.


We provide high quality demonstrating of historic skills including (but not limited to):

carpentry/woodwork/green woodworking, textiles/spinning/dyeing, and leatherwork.

c&d hat.jpeg

Cloak'd & Dagger'd

Cloak’d & Dagger’d is a small costuming business specialising in quality handmade period clothing to order for any occasion. I supply reenactors, museums and productions around the world with historical costume ranging from Roman to Victorian, though 15th and 16th century garments are my speciality.


Crafty Beggars

The Crafty Beggars specialise in reproducing historic hats using traditional techniques and authentic materials. Felt hats are created using hand-felting technique and natural dyes. 


Farthingale Historical Hats

Reproduction historical hats and accessories handmade in the historic city of Bath.

Lovingly crafted from fine silks and velvets.

Hats period riding hats.jpg

Hats Period

Quality Historic & Vintage Hats

Full time Milliner

All handmade, high quality materials

For Ladies & Gentlemen

Ranging from C17th to WWII

Commissions taken

By Jane Walton

kitty hats_edited.jpg

Kitty Hats

Whether you want a hat for historical re-enactment, museum display
or play / film production or just because you like hats - we make hats.

Phil Fraser

Manufacturer and supplier of Medieval & Tudor equipment, clothing, and accoutrements suitable for re-enactment and living history in the 14th, 15th and 16th Centuries or SCA.

pointer hats.jpeg

Sally Pointer

Heritage Education, objects, and research: bringing the past to life through practical experimentation

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