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Leather Supplies

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Barrhead Leather

Traditionally tanned leathers.

Deerskin leather, buckskin, smoke-tanned, raw-hide/velum

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Lyon Leathers

Here at Lyon Leathers in Northampton, the historical town known for its handmade footwear, we are leather merchants of all types of leather hides- ranging from pigskins and goatskins all the way to natural vegetable tanned cow sides and full upholstery hides. We also offer other items closely associated with the leather world such as buckles, rivets and fittings.


On top of this, we also have a fully-operating manufacturing service,

so once you've bought the leather we can help you bring your idea to life!

We make orders both for small quantities and wholesale, including items

such as buckle and strap sets, belts, small pouches, shoe soles and so on.

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