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Raw Materials & Craft Equipment

Quinn's Workshop

Hey there, my name is Cian, the face behind Quinns Workshop. We specialise in the traditional craft of leather-working, though we also love to change things up and feature other crafts as part of our offering. Our passion for history is endless, and our goal is to bring traditional craftsmanship and authenticity to every piece we create! We are bringing a wide range of leather goods to TORMincluding, but not limited to:

-Natural Veg-Tan belts -DIY belt kits

-Belt blanks

-Pouches of all kinds

-Arm guards(combat)



and more.

Each item is meticulously handcrafted with the best raw materials available, ensuring that they not only serve their purpose but also as standalone works of art.

We are delighted with the opportunity to display our leatherwork, and we invite you to join us for our first ever TORM!


Nash Woodcrafts

Mike runs an independent sawmill that processes quality native hardwoods for a variety of purposes, including wet, kiln dried and seasons woods. He says -

I’ll be bringing a selection of ‘make-it-yourself’ kits as well as more items for your reenactment needs.

I will be supplying the wood in kit form to enable people to make their own products rather than having to go and source and process the wood.

A sample list of products I will be bringing to my first The Original Reenactors Market

Shield blank kit (lime)

Sword scabbard (lime)

3 legged stool kit (ash)

4 legged stool kit (ash)

Spear handles (ash)

Axe and mace handles (ash)

Knife and sword handles ( beech,walnut,elm and yew)

Spoon and ladle blanks (lime, alder and beech)

Carving blanks (beech,alder and lime)

If you are after anything else drop me a message to discuss

Checkout my Facebook page for more information and any questions.


Slightly Warped

Slightly Warped Looms.  I am selling hand built warp weighted looms, as well as other historic weaving related goodies.  As a new business my range will be increasing over time, we already offer warp-weighted looms of any size made to order, plus a few to buy on the day.   this TORM we will  have 1/6 scale model looms (As toys or for teaching) weaving swords, a few loom weights, plus books and leaflets (assuming I get them finished!), and beginners kits.  The most popular loom is our half-sized historically plausible warp-weighted loom, suitable for demonstration, teaching and re-enactment (Iron age through to 12th Century), but without the space needs of a full size loom.

My name is Jalea Ward, and I have just finished a Masters degree in Experimental Archaeology, specialising in ancient weaving technologies, and have started this business to fill a gap in the re-enactment market for decent looms, share what I've learned, and learn lots of new things myself! My husband Chris has taught me the basics of woodworking and supporting me as I develop this new skillset.

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