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Ana Period Shoes

ANA Period Shoes makes historic footwear from 1000 B.C. to 1558 A.D.

Fully hand-sewn museum-grade shoes and machine-stitched shoes in standard sizes.

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Andy Burke

I am a shoemaker specialising in footwear for use in re-enactment, theatre, historical display, live role play and what ever else you can think of! I also make bespoke modern and weddings shoes.

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foxblade shoes.jpeg

Foxblade Trading and Reenactment Shoes 

Manufacturer and supplier of bespoke and stock historic footwear and leather goods.


Gary Soame Historical Footwear

Selling 17thC Footwear to Reenactors, Theatre Groups and Museums for over 25 Years.

The longest serving sellers of 17th Century Historical Shoes and Boots in The UK

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