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Viking Traders


Curious Works

Curious Works create textiles in Naalbinding and Tablet weave based on the early mediaeval period in Scandinavia and Britain.



Historic jewellery and textiles

northan ring.jpeg

Northan Viking Silver

Viking Age jewellery by artist Alban Depper.

My work is inspired by a passion for our northern heritage ("northan" in the Old Norse speech). 


Traders, Raiders & Invaders

The purpose of our company is to deliver re-enactment services that range from displays at Medieval Fayres to the selling of Replica Artefacts. The mainstay of our company however is our collection of Historic Ship replicas.

viking crafts.jpeg

Viking Crafts

Viking Crafts produce replicas "in the style of",  as well as copies of historical artefacts and games from the Dark Age and Viking Age.  Both re-enactors and the general public have been buying our goods since 1991.  

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